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My worst flight companion...on a flight from London to New York (so quite long). Saw the man prior to boarding, he kept staring at me which made me feel a bit uneasy, so I found a new place to sit. He had with him a bit of a dodgey briefcase too, wires hanging out and such, but that didn't bother me too much since we went through double security bc it was right after the kid who tried to sneak in stuff in his shoes. Board the flight only to find out man is booked next to me and makes it a point that he saw me previously. So, already to not give out many details about my chatting to me bores him. He puts on his headphones which somehow manage to leak into my line...doesnt matter anyway since he listens to Johnny Cash's Burning Ring of Fire over and over until we he kept ordering drink after drink. Great flight, being stuck on it an hour longer only made it even more memorable.
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