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Dave...I was in your "neck" of the woods (Maxwell AFB) School of Advance Air and Space Studies ("Col" College) to see my son receive his PhD this past June...Since 911 the program has expanded to include not only future General Staff Officers of every Branch of our Service and International allies but also representatives of the alphabet intelligence agencies who for a year, learn to "appreciate and consider the immense complexities of the world in which we operate" and work together as a team to offer our political leadership the best course of action in any given situation
I came away that day feeling very confident that Our Country is in good hands in terms of thinking thru the crtical thinking process before we become involved in conflict...every military officer in the school has had at least two tours of duty in combat zones so they have real war experience
Funny, when I visited West Point as a senior in high school, I attended a Bob Knight practice which included a point guard by the name of Mike "K" (Duke coach today) practice was enough to convince me that West Point might not be the "right" place for me...if I had came out of high school one year later, I could have been in the first class at Vassar to include males...I knew I could make the Vassar basketball team srarting 5
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