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That's easy...any famous celebrity...I flew Seattle to JFK first class sitting next to Charlie's Angels J. Smith during the peak of her popularity on the show. My friend the gate agent ask me to keep an eye out for her. It was onboard a 767 (when it was new aircraft)..We briefly spoke and then settled in. At first the other First class passengers ( all males btw) did not recognize her, but once they did they went crazy trying to get the flight attendant to switch seats with me or ask for her autograph and send over drinks or to take a pic with her...I did my job and "protected" her and was awarded with a hug from her when we landed..what I remember to this day is the smell of her perfume
I flew next to the first Black Miss America Vanessa Williams the day she was stripped of her crown due to the nude pics of her in Penthouse....I recognize her (of course) but no one else did (there were alot of Penthouse magazines onboard that flight)...we had a great conversation because we shared alot in common...the press met our plane at JFK and snapped pics of us as we walked off the plane..if this happen today in the age of TMZ, I would be identified as her BF
As to the various comments about kids, be mindful that the child may be autistic.
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