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The airlines and cruise companies are doing a much better job in reaching out to parents of autistic children to make travel more accessible..usually parents of mild or Aspergers children will work with the inflight crews to make the flight experience as comfortable as possible for both the family and other passengers...Carnival has as part of their Childrens program special trained counselors and programs...more of the travel public understands because it impacts them directly thru family,friends or co-workers

I have zero tolerance for grown passengers who do not have a disabilty, but are just plain arrogant buttheads when they fly...they feel that they are entitled because they have elite status in an airline's frequent flyer program..I was once on a friday 5pm shuttle flight from LAX to SFO full of elite was upset that he was stuck in a middle coach seat and demanded that he be upgraded to 1st class (which was full)..he was so disruptive that he caused the flight to be delayed which resulted in an ATC delay of 45 minutes...everybody on the plane blamed the passenger and not the airline and started a petition to sue the passenger in 5E for cost to them for the delay...the case made it to the "People's Court" on tv
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