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Hey Green_rd,

Here's the full story...

While I call ourselves a "Group" we did not receive group pricing or special offers at the time we booked because a minimum of 8 rooms was required. At the time, we had 7, so our "Group" was all signed up INDIVIDUALLY for "Early Saver". Different people made payments on their own accounts at different times. I had one room that insisted on paying their FULL balance back in January, just because they hate debt, and prefer not to "Pay stuff off" over time. Of course, every discount since January has accumulated to this room as "Shipboard Credit" and is currently about $600! Everyone else in our group paid their balance in full at different times, most waited til the final payment date and hence just had a greatly reduced balance owing, instead of shipboard credit.

I'm not TOO worried that this will be a problem, merely looking for a potential solution in case it needs to be invoked. It would suck to give away any amount of money for no reason, but at the same rate one shouldn't feel obligated to spend $600 during the week.

With that being said, once tips come off this it's down to $439, that helps, but, that's still a decent chunk of change to spend for some people.

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