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When possible, most major airlines have a special service desk, that will work with parents to identify flight options that will have less then 50% load factors on a widebody aircraft during midweek..the airlines also work closely with national organizations to help inflight crews be of assistance with the parents during inflight (part of ADA) including a special preboarding where the child visits the flight deck and meets the Captain...Airline employees have autitstic children who they travel with, so there is great empathy on their part, which is a great thing

Glad that your Brother can enjoy cruising with your family

It always amazes me how insensitive some folks are when travelling or cruising of others until it impacts them directly or indirectly thru family, friends and coworkers

Back to your original post and survey is pure misery for a married male to be stuck in a middle coach seat between 2 beautiful single French women on a New York to Paris overnight redeye flight
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