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Hi I wanted to weigh in about my experience with Allianz Travel Insurance. We booked two trips through Hotwire in June. Hotwire is notorious for great prices but they do not give refunds so I was surely going to insure our stays. The trip was for myself, husband and two kids.

About a month before the trip, my father had had open heart surgery (he was not going on the trip) A few days before we were to leave, he had a complication. My mom was going to meet us on the trip and a neighbor and a friend were planning on checking in on dad. Because of his complication, we decided that we would stay with dad and just let mom go. When I called Hotwire, they were gracious enough to tell me that they DO refund due to medical conditions and are very specific about family members being ill. But, since I purchased insurance thru Allianz, that I was to call them directly for my refund.

After a month of preparing paperwork, bothering my father's cardiologist and staff for paperwork and letters on their letterhead etc. I got a ruling that, since my father had a "preexisting condition" I was not able to collect on the two policies. I explained that my father was never traveling in the first place and that his complication not a direct result of the surgery itself (which is neither here nor there since he wasnt traveling anyway_ and the woman just kept reading her script over and over. She was kind enough to hand me over to a manager who told me that if you know of anyone, you, or anyone else, with any kind of preexisting condition, the policy is null and void. I think everyone on this earth knows of someone who has something. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Next, I asked if I could get a refund on the policies themselves ($18) and they told me that, since it had been over 10 days that I purchased them (it takes at least 10 days to get any response whatsoever) that I could not get a refund.

There are several other options out there for travel insurance and I would say that Allianz is the absolute worst there is. Hotwire ended up refunding my money since it was due to a medical emergency - but I am still out $18 from Allianz~
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