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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
Hi Luanne

Yes our PM reiterated again today that the UK will NOT get involved this time. You never know things could change but the that view is prevailing.

I know the Senate is backing Obama but will the House??

We have an excellent, well respected Foreign Affairs Editor who reckons Assad is just a 'puppet' for his nasty brother and friends. What can you say to that??

BTW my MP voted against but that was no surprise.

Good Evening Annie, I can honestly say I don't know anything about Syria, or it's leader. I can't figure out who the bad guys are. I am not sure anyone else knows either.

I am more worried about all the chemicals they are stock plying, and where they will go next. We are a boarder state, and it is pretty much wide open, so if tons of drugs can get through, then I figure it wouldn't be any trouble to get enough stuff to kill many Americans.

I also wonder what repercussions will happen, because of a strike from us.

One of our reps has voted no in the Senate, and I will have to wait on the rest to find out what they do.

I hope you are well.

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