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Originally Posted by krunch View Post
EMG, it's in the ballpark of $600. I personally would have no problem spending that but some people might.

Bill, that's something I never thought of. Have you (or anyone else here for that matter) ever done this? I wonder if you can actually transfer a shipboard credit to your casino account in the first place? or would it turn up as a new charge. Almost sounds too easy seeing as I found a condition set by Carnival saying that it would be forefitted, yet you have potentially come up with a pretty easy workaround that beats Carnival's own policy

When you go to the casino and upload money to gamble with it is applied to your sail and sign card just as if you went to the specialty restaurant and paid for 2 dinners.

So if you had $70 OBC left on your account and went to the specialty restaurant it would should the charge as $70 with a shipboard account balance of zero.

Same thing if you had $70 OBC and uploaded $70 in the casino.

No I haven't never done it but have read on another board of numerous people who have done it.

I am not bright enough to come up with that solution of getting the rest of your OBC back.

Briguy we will agree to disagree.

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