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AR...thanks for another great tip,..the outbound routing was driven by the fact that my friend lives in Detroit so I am actually picking her up (she can put in a full day at work)....stopping in Amsterdam for 4 hours breaks our trip up because I worry about blood clots (my cardiologist gave me a list of exercises to do on the plane every hour plus drinking lots of water)...coming home it's nonstop from JNB to ATL which is brutal but my internal body clock seems to do better in that direction...long distance flying is as much a test of one's mind as well as body
We are leaving on Monday evening arriving Tuesday evening and using Wednesday as our jet lag recovery day by going to the beach..Thursday our friends are going to give us the locals tour and Friday/Saturday is the Jazz Festival. (we will have VIP passes which will be great) and our train ride leaves Sunday morning arriving in JNB on Tuesday afternoon leaving for home early Thursday morning...per your suggestion look at the game lodge but the air cost and extra days precluded it
Like most Americans I have a certain "image" of South Africa based upon media an African American I have a very deep spiritual a jazz fan I understand the connection between Congo Square in New Orleans and the music of South Africa...I really want to attend a Rugby match while we are there and make sure Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela are not one and the same
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