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Lightbulb Casino Slot Technician job

Hi everybody

I don't know how "public" this forum is, but I would like to find some information about the Casino Slot Technician job (especially for Carnival Cruise Lines, because I'm too "loyal" and I started my ship experience with Carnival, yet only as a tourist)

First of all, I tried to apply for an IT Technician job through some "centralized" service which (seemingly) sends the info to all the cruise lines, etc.. Then I found out that Carnival is looking for the Trainee Slot Technician, and that was perfect for me (because I will have to learn anyway), so I applied on the Carnival Casino Division website, but what bothers me is the expiration date of my passport )) It ends soon, but of course I will get the new one for another 10 years, but who knows what Carnival people would think about it...

What bothers me is the question: what is the difference between the Trainee Slot Technician and the Slot Technician? I think that you have to learn anyway, even if you are an experienced Slot Technician already, so I guess that I could apply for Slot Technician too %) Anyway, every cruise line has its own definitions and titles for jobs, I guess...

So I'm interested in everything related to the Slot Technician job in the ship's casino )) For example, are slot machines nowadays modular, like computers? Because now I work in the big medical institution with more than 700 computers (+ monitors, printers, etc.) in 5 different buildings, and I almost never stop moving %) And I always think - can my IT experience help me in the Slot job? But anyway, people get there somehow, I don't think that they are born with the Slot knowledge and experience ))) Or are they? )

So, any info related to this job would be appreciated, especially from Slot Technicians themselves And stuff like how to get this job too )) I'm afraid of interviews too, especially given the fact that I will need to leave my city and country to get to it )

I'm from Russia, by the way... I heard that there are hiring agents in our country, but I don't "trust" intermediaries, especially Russian companies ))

Sorry for the big post...
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