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Good afternoon all.

Yes, I remember that day 12 years ago as well. It would be impossible not to remember that numbed out shock of watching the horror on tv and wondering what was going on. I wondered how in the world I was going to explain to my second grader what/why it happened when she got home. As it turned out all she wanted to know was if it could happen in our town. I lied and told her no. It made her feel better. As it turned out, a young woman from my hometown was one of the victims. I did not know her...but it goes to show that even a small communities were hit that day.

Anyway, I got good news today. I have a stray lymph node in my breast. Lymph nodes are not supposed to be up in the breast itself, so that is abnormal, but it's not cancer. I have to go back for a checkup in six months.

My mom got bad news from the ortho yesterday and has to go for an MRI on Friday. We'll know the results on Tuesday. We could be looking at a fracture, bone cyst, cancer, or a combination.
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