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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
Does that mean your Dr. visit was successful?
My enzyme were not elevated on my pre-surgery blood work but became so after the surgery, as of now they remain elevated and she not sure if the surgery is the cause. The ultrasound showed mild fatty liver and that was a surprise since I'm really not over weight, don't drink or take drugs, I do need to loose 10 or 15lbs but that shouldn't affect the liver. She gave me the option to retest before my cruise or after it, she suggested after in the event they are higher she doesn't want my trip ruined by me worrying, she said go have fun and yes you can have a few drinks

I felt all along it was surgery related. She had me order from Douglas pharmacy a liver detox pill to help the liver.

Thanks for asking Luanne as I have been worried sick over all this and do feel a little better knowing she's not over concerned at this point, I will taking off 10 - 15 lbs
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