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The writers on the staffs of The Daily Show & The Colbert Report have job security at least thru 2016 Presidential elections...they must love Senator Cruz

C-SPAN has the hghest ratings in it's history covering the Heritage Foundation, Press Club Dinner and CPAC the last 6 years..politicians like Cruz know this and saves his best material for these events to receive the most exposure

Cruz was born in Canada, American Mother, Cuban Father..where is the "Birther" outrage

The Discovery Channel has been running an excellent program about Chief's of Staff's. (gatekeepers to the POTUS) which gives bi-partisian insight into the politics of our Country..what I gained from this program is that a POTUS's Chief of Staff main function is keeping the POTUS in check with political reality (so voters don't feel buyers remorse)..what was scary it showed the Rumsfield/Cheney combination influence over the POTUS during the Ford/Bush 43 eras

To Mike's point...the system might keep reelecting the Helm's, Cruz's on the local level, but they seldom succeed on the national platform
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