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Originally Posted by Manuel View Post
I am afraid that this ( guarantee ) will be abused by many unscrupulous people.

You know I'm not to sure. There's no guarantee the type of flight your going to get home, stops and layovers . You have already invested your money for your round trip flight to and fom the cruise unless you live close enough to the port so would it really be worth getting off? Maybe but as Mike said they did have something close to this already and I don't think it's going to be a problem.

As I mentioned I take it as Carnival is going to step up and change things for the better, maybe they are listening to the customers complaints .

There will be the people who try and get the free cuise just because they can but for the most part I don't see it becoming an issue.

Time will tell and I'm looking foward o seeing what changes have been made by the time I cruise in December.....I'm thinking positive .
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