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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo View Post
I read everything I could about Jesse Helms and it seems he was very out spoken, and wasn't afraid to go against what the party wanted.
Taking Ted Cruz's speech in the context he meant it to be taken, he was referring to Jesse Helms as being one who did not by default agree with the party line and was not afraid to go against the grain. He was not endorsing everything, or anything, that Jesse Helms did or supported, but rather his style of politics, which was to shake up the status quo. Alleging that Ted Cruz is or might be a racist is ridiculous and unfounded.

However, Cruz probably should have reconsidered his choice of people to laud, and also his appearing at an event that celebrates a man who is largely despised by the media, and up to now was a forgotten lightning rod that the left will hope to resurrect in their attempts to destroy Cruz, both politically and personally.

For those who think Cruz is an idiot, to quote a Daily Caller article:

"Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz ranks Ted Cruz among the school’s smartest students. He had brilliant insights and he was clearly among the top students".
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