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I can't see all that's supposedly wrong with Carnival when you look at and listen to people complain about all the other lines too.---The food on ZZZ was bad, the beds on XXX was bad, the service on CCC was bad , the steward on BBB line didn't get my ice to me on time. I had to wait to board XYZ line for 2 hours, although I got there in line at 9 a.m.--RCCl is going to have a non-smoking policy except in restricted areas--therefore I won't cruise with them again--bad people--bad people that RCCL bunch--won't let me smoke where I want to--- then you have the ones who say they can't use their balcony because someone 3 balconies up was smoking and so it goes. I don't care what cruise line it is nor how they try, in many cases the harder they try to please the masses, there's always going to be a certain number of people who will habitually complain about something--plain and simple.
You can always find some minor thing to nit-pick if that's what you set out to do and some do it. Re / the vacation guarantee, of course there will be some who will try to abuse it, just as there's people who will try to abuse anything that's out there, whether on a cruise line or a refund policy at Walmart. I was just a little while ago looking at cruises on HAL and saw where someone had supposedly been on 20 cruises and went on Hal once and it was absolutely terrible, according to him ( no, it wasn't on this site )
Just human nature in some folks--the waters too rough--the suns too hot- ( no kidding--you didn't know it would be hot in the Tropics ? )
I think Carnival has went through some changes after Bob left that weren't necessarily good for them but all in all, how could they help the incidents that have had some people, especially the news media on them like bark on a tree?
A train de-rails and people are killed--big news for a couple of days-- A bus wrecks and people are killed--big news for a couple of days-- A ship loses power and is in no danger of sinking, they have all kinds of help standing by and weeks and months later it's still in some news stories--In the case where the Dream was in Mexico and the back up generators wouldn't work, they never lost power--the main engines were working perfectly fine and they chose not to take a chance on coming home without the back up supply working as it should--they bent over backwards to assist and help people all they could--it's a little more complicated to move several thousand people at a few hours notice than just calling an airline and saying, " oh well, we need a dozen planes today at noon".
Read the cruise boards and see if someone , somewhere , isn't complaining about some cruise line at any given time.
No, I'm not employed by Carnival and it's not necessarily my favorite line--but you get what you pay for and in Carnival's case, I think for the money you spend, you get a heck of a value. Having been on 40+ cruises on most of the major lines, it's hard to beat--they do some things better than RCCL, some RCCL things may be a shade better and etc --that's why we have a lot of different lines--Celebrity is touted as a wonderful line---upscale acording to many--it IS a wonderful line--but I sailed Celebrity several times when they first started --they were better then than now, but that doesn't mean they are not a good cruise line.
One guy will complain if it rains and the guy next door will be singing the praises of the rain because he felt it was needed---human nature.
My advice would be, if you want perfect service, and a flawless cruise, dig into the hip pocket and book the most expensive line and the most expensive cabin--then I'll say you could still find some minor flaw if that's the way your mind set is.
I know not what line others may take, but as for me, come Jan . I'll be on the Dream--then on RCCL and I plan to enjoy both!
Happy sails to all and don't let the negative few fill your mind with doubts about the small stuff! They are all ships, they float, they move --they will ride rough if the water is rough-- you will in most cases , get good service, depending on what you expect and call good service, and how you treat the staff--so sail on and enjoy!
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