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Dave...just you live anywhere near Birmingham and if so, what is your insight into the recent 50th anniversary events in conjunction with the Church Bombing that killed 4 Black girls at Sunday School? .Helms never spoke out against the actions of the KKK during that period, and in fact used his committee seniority to undermind the Civil Rights. Movement and maintain the "status quo"...He made no apologies for being an avowed Racist...for Cruz's to say Helm's is his political role model based upon his"political style" cannot be separate from Helm's "political actions" and given the Heritage Foundation was his audience, Cruz knew exactly the message he was delivering to the base, he is trying to cultivate...
I have lived in the deep South for 14 years and for the life of me cannot figure out that 4 miles from my house is a Parish that elected David Duke(note to Luanne, goggle Duke and visit his website for his views) to the LA State House in 1992 and when Duke ran for Gov (as a Republican) ., he lost but 680,000 LA citizens voted for him...this is the same Parish that elected Livingston, Vitter and Jindal to Congress which tells me alot..what values and message does that send to your Child in terms of the "content of one's character as opposed to the color of one's skin"
You make a valid point that Cruz has a sharp mind but as we see on the SCOTUS has 4-5 folks that have "sharp minds" also but a very narrow perspective of the changing demographics of America in which the State of Texas is example #1
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