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Originally Posted by misguidedangel View Post
The harsh reality is if you ask security to tell the kids to leave they do a half-hearted job telling the kid, or the kids parents. They know if they "evict" the kid/or kid and parent from the adult only pool area the passenger will raise holy hell with guest services, and if they don't listen then Carnival itself post-cruise.

It almost always seems that they designate these areas adult only but just can't seem to get the nerve to enforce it for fear of backlash from the passenger! It works the same with people saving a lounge chair with a cheese book, a single flip flop (why not both?), or just a towel. The pool attendants know the rules, but know the passenger is going to come to them ranting and raving that they didn't save, and on and on and on.

I have a theory, perhaps it is the fear of losing their job on the ship if they tell kids to leave because it can get blown so out of proportion by the time guest services gets the complaint that the real fact--that the kid was playing in the adults only area because the other pools were crowded--was lost and the kid was not going to admit he or she was wrong cuz the little bastards saw and igored the no kids sign....
That is why I tell a ship's officer and NOT a crew person. The ship's officer can take care of the problem, a crew person can't.
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