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Originally Posted by ship2shore View Post
I don't think "the masses" prefer to dress up anymore, or they wouldn't be constantly lowering the dress code...

I know some still like to dress formally, but myself, as well as all my friends and relatives, find it extremely annoying (waste of valuable time) to have to follow a strict dress code.

Its a vacation, not a fashion show.
In contrast - I suspect most folks wouldn't consider wearing something less casual than jeans would be "dressing up".

Agree it's a vacation, but to ask people to dress above beachwear or their car-washing clothes in the main dining room would appear to be quite reasonable.
Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
I'm a dress up/Fashion show type cruiser... I always take the 1st night dinner outfit in my carry on just in case I don't get the luggage in time for dinner to chance. Can't go to dinner with my Embarkation outfit on...

However I do understand the cruisers that might dress up for work each day and want to go on vacation with a more relaxed setting.

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Ship2Shore has got it right the masses are lowering the dress code in the cruising world.
Certainly agree with those observations.

A formal dress code has likely passed it's time in terms of the mass market of cruisers, however, the extremes of informal dress seen in recent times also lowers these standards to the least common denominator.

It reminds me of the term "common sense" - which has also been socially neutered in the same manner.

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