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Originally Posted by CRUISEFAN0001 View Post
In contrast - I suspect most folks wouldn't consider wearing something less casual than jeans would be "dressing up".
Agree it's a vacation, but to ask people to dress above beachwear or their car-washing clothes in the main dining room would appear to be quite reasonable.
In actuality, the topic of this thread is 'Jeans in the MDR' and whether they are appropriate. The "Larry the Cable Guys" just manage to look like idiots.... but hey, if it doesn't bother them, then it doesn't bother me. Its comic relief.

The cruise ship is oft-compared to a "floating resort". Might I propose that resort-wear (in all its varied incarnations), not tuxedos or dinner jackets, be considered the new norm? Every night be designated "smart casual" in the MDR? That way, if pax WANT to dress up, by all means do. Just don't look down on those who do not. Why impose it on everyone?

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