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Dave - you were correct that the ship is sitting far lower than expected. I surmise it is on the platform they built for it to rest on. The waterline is all way up at deck 10, about at bridge level. - which makes you wonder if captain Schettino had a premonition that someday he might look out from that bridge and see a water-line right outside the window.

A full article/book on exactly what happened that night would make a great movie.

When they eventually float the ship (which they will do by blowing the water out of the sponsons and replacing it with air), the ship will rise enough to move, but it won't go back to its original draft below the hull line as far as I know.

I guess the interior is a pea-soup of fetid rotting foods and other materials that were trapped under water all this time. Its going to be a real clean up job, yuck.
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