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Originally Posted by DavidB View Post
Being on a ship or anywhere actually with other people, is no reason or excuse for being an Ar*e to others that had nothing to do with a scenario now in your head for something you either experienced years ago in another life, or maybe one you did not experience but one handed down through family experience and/or actual history. Yes, these historical facts are true, and can be so bad,but we canít as decent people today react in that way in public to others for things that have happened in all our families pasts, every nationality in the world could do that today, react for what "others" have done to them in previous generations, there would be war in the streets if we all did this today. So why does this guy think he can do this, pick on folks and bully them for a cause or in his head a reason for his actions, and get away with it? The person in question or subject at the start of this post has no place in modern society; he picked the wrong fight or place to vent. No reason for that, no excuse for that, a misguided individual, who should actually be pitied if truth be told, if that is how they live their life
some People, I am afraid, will always be fools and so of course we will meet such on cruise ships. I could not believe what people said about the new Miss America who is an born in the US American of Indian descent. She was called Alqaeda. Are most Indians even Muslims? I was thinking Hindi and Buddhist are the main religions from that country. Besides, we know most Muslims are not extremists, only a handful.
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