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Default Stayin' Alive!

To the chagrin of many and the possible delight of a few, I'm still plugging along, however at an ever decreasing pace. Ah well, I've more than earned my right to be old and decrepit. The years "on the job," my lineage, lifestyle, etc. have all bound together to finally come home and roost. But you shan't hear any choruses of "Oh poor me" from this quarter as I remain as happy as the proverbial clam and am enjoying, to a great degree, that I have found a wonderful nitch in my new Church.

I have long had an affinity for the elderly (because, as Susan so often reminds me, "I are one!"). While a physical wreck, I remain a "people person" and am now utilizing whatever talents I may possess in that regard to try and brighten the day for those less fortunate, especially the very senior among us. Although I can do little physical work I enjoy when the men of the Church roll out to help some disadvantaged senior spruce up their property and make repairs to the residence in which they live (which is often unbelievably abysmal). Kevin, the Pastor, says I have a marvelous way with people and have quite interesting stories to share. I think he doth spread the butter rather thickly but I do enjoy sitting, as I did a few weeks ago, alongside a bedridden 87 year old woman while the younger set sealed her metal roof, cut down years of overgrown shrubbery, put up a new ceiling throughout her residence, did electrical work, just to name a few things. We have within the church licensed carpenters, plumbers, roofers. electricians, you name it and they all give of their precious free time to help these folks. Of course it is of no expense at all to the recipient. As I was sitting next to the woman mentioned above talking with her, I noticed there were no lamps and only two capped wires dangling from the ceiling. I asked the lady what happened to the ceiling fixture and she only said that she was "afraid" of a fire since the house was so old. I pulled aside an electrician, told him the problem and he checked everything out. He said the wiring was getting old but still safe. I then gave my credit card to Kevin who was going to the local hardware store and asked him to pick up a nice ceiling fixture with minimal drop as the ceilings were so low. He returned with the perfect fixture and the electrician put it up for me. What a team we have and these elderly folks are so very appreciative of every little thing you do.

If you feel that you can't afford that upgrade to the house, a newer car, etc., try the above. You'll quickly realize how unbelievably blessed you really are. Anyone can give money but it is as, if not more, important, to get out there personally for such deserving folks. As the late Justin Wilson from Baton Rouge used to say, "I guarronteee" you'll come away with a wonderful song in your heart. I warn you though, it's addicting!

It goes without saying that mightly prayers go out to all of my beloved Cruisemates; especially those suffering illness, who are in pain, those grieving and of course, those in need.

Love all you guys and gals!

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