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Does playing the race card EVER get old to you guys? I mean for the love of God, the whole meme of conservatives being racist by mere association with other people is over the top to start with.

George Washington had slaves, as did Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Jesse Helms is about in the same age group as those guys.

If I never hear another word about race it will be too soon, I thought this was the president who was going to unite us as a people, but race relations are at an all time low since Obama was elected.

Why are we even talking about this? Why is it so important to try to continue to convince anyone that our disapproval of Obama is solely because he is black? That is a weak and stupid premise on its face, as I have pointed out here so many times. It is to act as if none of Obama's actions count, only his race.

Just ridiculous crap.
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