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Yep, not a big fan of Carnival corporate, that's for sure!

But their product is okay and we've never had a bad cruise on Carnival. Crew has always been great, food is okay, rooms are nice, itineraries are good. They have some wonderful comedians. Not a supporter of their shore excursions.

As I always say, you get what you pay for and they are the cheapest.

But we're really looking forward to it, even though we've been to all the ports at least once and to Cozumel and Grand Cayman many times. We've been to Roatan, but not to Mahogany Bay, so we're anxious to personally check it out since we've gotten alot of feedback from clients - some positive, but mostly negative. So we're caught between wanting to see all that Mahogany Bay has to offer and just doing our own thing and go to West Bay Beach where we personally know the snorkeling is among the best in the world. I guess because of the time we're there (7:00am - 3:00pm) and we'll have our grandson with us, we'll probably bypass snorkeling this trip.

No matter - we'll have a wonderful time because it's a cruise and we always enjoy ourselves on a cruise no matter who it's with or where we're going.

Besides, we get to see it through our grandson's eyes for the first time and that is a very precious thing. So it won't be about us and what we want to do, but it'll be about him and what he wants to do. After 46 cruises, this will afford us a fresh look from a whole new perspective, so we're really excited about the whole thing.

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