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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
Or perhaps since this is a cruise forum most people don't come here to discuss mass murders and other terrible events?

This board is full of individual bereavements and other sad accounts, and they generate extensive and lovely tributes and good wishes in response. "Terrible events" are a staple of this space, and all you have to do is read a little bit to know that. Anyone who posts an illness or death will instantly receive far more response than the Navy Yard thread.

And, even though you're the moderator, you seem not to have grasped the first line in the descriptor of this particular board: Open Forum for non-cruise posts. Over and over you guys fall back on "this is a cruise forum" when your own boilerplate proclaims that it is not. There are some people here who haven't taken a cruise in a dog's age, and they proclaim as much in their signatures.
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