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Don't you wish everyone behaved exactly like you would desire, AR? The moaning and hand-wringing not quite up to your expectations? Or are we just choosing to deal with it in a different way, and do not require a cheerleader, or a minister for that matter?

Or perhaps, just perhaps, we just need a little levity in these trying times ...

Personally, I dont post to the bereavement threads as a rule, but I posted to yours.... I guess that skews your well-thought-out universe, huh? Whoodathunkit?

And I bloody-well wish I was on a cruise, even though my signature might say I am not on one. It just reflects my reality at this point in time.

I guess my somewhat disjointed point is: "Beers Wins".

Booked: Carnival Sunshine March 04, 2017 8-day Southern Caribbean

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