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I rarely post anything anymore, as first of all, I usually don't have much of anything of interest to post, so therefore whats the point.
I don't post all the cruises I've been on, as I don't have a need to wear them on my sleeves like chevrons, nor do I post the future cruises I may take 2 or 3 years down the road.
I do agree with and understand A.R's point-- it's been pretty silent regarding the mass killing at the Naval Yard. So many questions to be asked, so many different answers given and who actually knows the exact truth?
Naturally the gun debate will eventually arise in some quarters--it was first said the shooter had an M-16, then that was changed to a shotgun, and then he supposedly took a pistol from someone he had shot so as I said, do we really know exactly how it happened? He " supposedly " heard voices-- that's always a good one to use after a mass killing.
The one thing that has me sort of puzzled is that he supposedly had problems but yet had security clearance to get into a Naval Base and another thing that has bothered me is that the Navy apparently has a shortage of weapons for their own personnel-- one would think on a Naval Base there would be some Naval personnel with access to weapons--but we depended on private security and the D.C. police to respond. " Private " security guards guarding a Naval Base ?? And it's the same security firm that hired Snowden ,who absconded to Russia with all kinds of info that has no doubt compromised this nations security. So, I would think that instead of preaching about the " gun did it " thing, I would be more interested in taking a very close look at our security and how it's handled, closing the leaks and tightening up the holes that allow these people to get in in the first place.
Apparently the security was not so great--maybe I could take a pick-up truck and just drive into Ft. Knox and load up some gold--maybe it's changed since I was there but when I was in the service, there were weapons on the military bases and there were people who provided security for the bases without having to sub-contract it out to god -knows who!
And too, I see A.R.'s point about the deaths of 12 people not seeming to be a big deal but the mention of family tragedies bring out all kinds of posts
and responses.
I too had a mother and father who are gone--2 brothers who are gone. My wife in the last three years has lost 3 brothers, the last one being her baby brother fairly recently and exactly 2 weeks after that her sisters husband died on their porch. I had 3 sisters--lost one a few years ago and another a few weeks ago-- and yes, I miss my parents, my brothers and sisters everyday. My cat I've had for 15 years was just diagnosed this past Monday with kidney cancer. A few months at most til she's gone.
I don't feel the need to take all my problems to a cruise board nor do I condemn anyone who does--we are all different and handle things in our own way.
In Spain recently a train was speeding and wrecked, killed several and injured many others--a bus wrecked somewhere and killed several--in Canada in the last few days there were some people killed in a wreck but I honestly can't remember the exact details but regardless, if this many deaths had happened on a cruise ship, the media would still be on it to the bitter end.
A.R. had also mentioned he had tickets to something and was having thoughts as to whether or not to go, as it was close to the Naval Yard and he was trying to decide whether or not to go in view of what had happened. I can understand how he felt- Whether or not he went, I don't know--but at least it shows he did have a concern and compassion for the dead and wounded and felt remorseful about going somewhere to try to enjoy something when such a tragedy had occurred practically next door.
And no, I don't always agree with what he says but I do understand what he's talking about here and agree with him .
To all who have problems with health, sickness, death and etc in your personal life, I offer my sincere prayers and hopes that things will be better for you. I would like to see this country in some way, manage to get by for a while without another mass killing but in all honesty, with 12 being killed at the Naval Yard, I would bet that nationwide there were more than that killed on the same day, one or two at a time but as it was not a mass killing, it went unannounced except on the local stations.
To all, I hope your next cruise is the best with many more to come!
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