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Originally Posted by kandajones View Post
Hi there, sorry to hear about your experiences. We had a similar issue a few years back with machine noise keeping us awake. We were eventually given a change or room after we took our pillows & covers & set up camp on the chairs in the reception area.
Not sure if the stricter 'good behavio(u)r' rules would risk them being debarked, but it might be worth threatening to do the same & see what is said then.

Also if you can record the noise, say on a cam-corder, & demonstrate it to the chief purser, saying you will take it to your solicitor upon your return to sue for compensation, it may encourage them to do something.

Good luck for a successful resolution.

Thank you Alan, they've been back exactly a week and I have read the letter they sent on board to the passenger services manager and heard a iPhone recording of the noise in their cabin, I can say in all honestly it is a terrible racket, no paying pax should have to endure that every single night. If you interested in hearing it , send a pm! My wife did go to reception and threatened to sleep there but she did not take her bed sheets etc only her night clothes sadly there were no free cabins to move them to,
Thanks again and cheers
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