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Curious... Was the word "Retard" capitalized when you quoted it? Or did you do that? I couldn't find a capitalized "retard" anywhere in the piece. In the photo its all caps.

"retard" means "late" in French (and is pronounced differently, with a short-sound "e" like ruh-tard), and the English slang word meaning is a derivative, implying late development.

"Tu es en retard"
and "Vous êtes en retard" both mean "You are late. or, You are delayed.- but there is a direct translation for delay - en délai"

Google Translate obviously is the culprit in this case. Read any good Chinese assembly instructions lately?
"Take shaft and insert tightly into orifice" "repeat at other end"

edited to add: Obviously the journalist doesn't speak French either... His definition of "retard" is flawed: He says "which means to slow or delay". He should have said 'which means A slowdown or delay', a definition only true for the noun form. "être en retard" (adjective form) in French simply means "to be late".

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