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AR I see what your saying, I believe we the people have become immuned to these far to often killings.
Today our morning news was about a mass shooting of 13 people the youngest was a 3 year old. The reporting was all about that with no other news as to weather or other stories. I said to my hubby " is that all their going to talk about, it must be a slow news day" not two seconds later I said to myself wow really Robin this is a major thing that happend with lives forever changed and I felt shameful that I would even think such a thing as I'm a very caring person, I realize I've become use to this type of thing and its just not a big deal anymore because its an every day occurrence . I felt really sad that I could even feel that way and how accepting we've become of things like this.

I will be working on that because that's not who I am or who I want to be.
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