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Wow!!! A trip to Target. Donna be prepared to be underwhelmed.

Target is a fine store and its home is right here in Minneapolis. I grew up with Target stores so it is interesting to know that someone is excited about going. Target started as something similar to K Mart and has now evolved into an upscale Wal-Mart. I bet it is similar to my excitement when Costco opened in the Minneapolis area.

It's a busy day for me today. Once it warms up a bit I will winterize the boat.
Then some trimming of bushes. Then it's a trip to Costco to return some Tommy Hilfigger sweaters. I rarely buy clothes at Costco because you can't try them on. The sweaters fit fine in the body but were too short.

I love having my sister and brother-in-law here but it is taking up a lot of time that I need to get things done. Too much playing and not enough working. Oh well, I still have another five days and they leave tomorrow.

Donna: I hope you have a safe journey and find a lot of fine quality products at discount prices.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
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