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Good morning everyone.

I'm on GMT so I've been up since 2:00 a.m.. Going to bed at 5 p.m. isn't too bad and I got nine hours of sleep. I've already cleaned Betty's car, packed my clothes in the suitcase. If I post any pictures of our holiday you'll probably notice I'm wearing the same shirts and pants in a lot of them. Don't worry, I will do wash.

I did have one bit of an "issue" this morning. I went upstairs into the back bedroom to make the bed after my sister left. I had noticed a bit of an odor in the upstairs but when I opened the door to that bedroom it hit me like a sledge hammer. Her Yorkie had left a present under the bed. She'd thrown up under there and it was nasty. I had to move the bed, hit it with carpet cleaner and now it's soaking in baking soda water. I'll dry it up in a little while and then wash it again with antiseptic cleaner. I also used deodorizer on the whole upstairs.

I still have to wait until Walgreens opens and pick up a new two week pill box. Two of the compartment tops have come loose on one of them and I'll need it for the trip. I also need to pick up some heavy duty rubber bands to put around the pill boxes. It works well to make sure the tops don't come open. With the "all generic" medications you can't tell one pill from another. Most of them are white and round, so a spill is a PITA to rectify.

I do hope everyone has a great Wednesday and a fun rest of the week.

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