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This suggests that whatever the problem was - it was not as bad as they originally thought that it might be. If they can fix it while the ship is sailing, it can't be that big a deal (in my own estimation).

The problem is that recent events have all the cruise lines spooked now, so the last thing they would ever want to take a chance on is having another ship dead in the water.

Now - in that light - we have now seen what can happen when ships go dead. The Splendor was bad, but the situation remained under control. However the ship did drift many miles overnight while they waited for tugboats to show up

The following situation - Triumph was the worse than Splendor by far, we know that.

But the WORST situation was Concordia - people forget that the reason she grounded was because she was dead in the water. And she ended up om a reef. I believe the crew was trying to drop the anchor first, but there was too much confusion at the time.
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