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I didn't say everyone was concerned. Most, perhaps 95%, of pax have no clue there are still problems on the Sunshine. I said Carnival is concerned. I'd say primarily about the back-lash from guests & possible bad press they will get if they have to once again divert to Freeport or similar as they did with the Magic. It won't look good if they have problems. Some Italian maritime press have been pretty forthright about some concerns and future refits have been put on hold. I understand she is heavy in the bow and new stabilizers have been recommended. I would not be surprised if I got a call delaying the TA sailing just as they did with the 1st cruises scheduled after the refit. Hope not.

I'm not concerned personally as I know I'll be safe, but I will be disappointed if we again spend time in an unscheduled port for fuel, service, or repairs. It would be too late to use the new Guarantee as I'm sure they wouldn't announce it within the 1st 24 hours, but sometime in the middle of the Atlantic.
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