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Happy lunchtime Gang.

CQ, I have tried melatonin before but don't have any on hand. Thankfully, I slept well last night. Thanks for the good wishes all.

I woke up yesterday morning with welts across my jaw and neck. I think it's probably poison ivy/sumac that I came in contact with when I was chasing the dog when she got out. It's either that or I'm allergic to something...and I have no idea of what I could be allergic to as I've taken all of my medication for years.

Kat, I'll join you in a margarita or three if it would make me forget how itch I am.

Mom has an appointment with her PCP this afternoon and we have the joint replacement academy this evening, even though it will be after Christmas when she has the hip replacement surgery. I thought it would be good to get that out of the way.

TM, glad the doctor's appointment went well and that you feel better now that you live in Florida.

Bob, I hope you get a three day weekend.

CQ, what are you going to do about the cruise?

Well, hope you all have a nice afternoon.
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