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Default Good Friday Morning

Good morning cruisers and cruisettes.

I've adjusted myself to European time so, I've been awake since 2:00 a.m..

I'd like to find the guy who decided to put so dang many windows in this house. I'd slap him......................................OK: I just slapped myself. Yesterday, I decided to wash windows and clean the screens before I leave. I spent seven hours washing windows and screens. Oh well, at least it's done before Winter.

I also went to Wal-Mart to pick up my new glasses. It was the first time I've ever purchased glasses from Wal-Mart. I think it will also be the last time. I have a hard to fit head and they had a brand of frames that work for me. I went to pick them up yesterday and 1: They only had the sunglasses in and not the regular glasses: 2: They messed up the focal point and lens curvature so everything tilted to the left. Both pairs will have to be remade so I won't have new glasses by the time I leave.

Today will be a visit with my insurance agent. I received a letter that "many" changes are being made to my homeowners policy. It's not just me but all with the type of policy I have. There better be an alternative or I'm finding a new insurance company in December.

I hope all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Take care,
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