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Is there a cruise line that includes on board amenities such as drinks & excursions?

Yes, most river cruise lines include excursions and wine or beer with meals. The new (2015) cruise line called Viking Ocean will also offer shore excursions and drinks.

Regent cruise lines already includes both as well.

Most cruise lines now offer "drink package" where you can drink as much as you want for an added daily or per-cruise cost. The question is whether you are going to drink enough to justify it. Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, etc.

However, that is the same question you have to ask on cruise lines that include drinks in the cruise fare; mostly lux lines like Seabourn, Silversea, Regent, Crystal. Most people who go on those lines realize they are paying a lot more just for the privilege of not having to pay for drinks separately, but they enjoy the convenience factor and the freedom to choose to have any drink at any time without thinking about the cost.
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