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Default no big deal...

i got to say - rewarding those that are loyal to you is only good for business and is really no big deal.
i mean i know venues are becoming crowded but its nice to be on sailings with many repeat cruisers and i much rather this then being with many first timers. they are usually way nicer people, some what classier of higher social level and people and are just more relax about the whole cruising scene

i dont see no creating a monster.....what is the big they give us a little booze they buy for nothing anyway and sell others for a fortune (bottle of cheap rum or vodka duty free wholesales for about $5-8 and they get some 40 drinks out of it each at apprx $6-8!!!)
when you attend CL or DL ,even if you consume 3-4 drinks and evening, which most dont it really doesnt cost them so much (maybe at the end of 7 day sailing i cost them one bottle of vodka) and they get me exclusively to sail on RCI ships, most on expensive cabins!
i have already easily invested well over $25k the last 4 years on frequently cruising with few drinks are well worth it for RCI (really its more about the special treatment feel they give you)

being on the point, i dont see why the make the distinction between CL and DL (Conceirge Lounge and Diamond Lounge). I mean yes, i see how venues are getting full so if they just need extra space and therefore create another location that is all great. however on same of the ships they also limit the choice of alcohol provided etc or sale you drinks at a discount (well they only give wine and champagne free ) and that is just wrong.
besides,wine and champagne cost almost the same as hard liquire....and once you calculate that in a bottle of wine you get about 6 servings while with mix drinks you can get they are not saving any money but just annoying the members for no good reason!

12 sailings to become a diamond members, some times more to get to 80 nights is already a huge $$$(at least $15k-20k) commitment and should be rewarded with few events and some free drinks....most people that are not there now or are only starting the program will find it is hardly worth while and very hard to achieve.
for those that are there its a way to keep them coming back and not checking out other companies....not to mention that most D or D+ usually sail numerous times a year and take the best cabins so we spend the money on services, massages, hair cuts (they charges my wife $200!) etc

i love sailings, love what they give me and my statue and we sail 4 times a year nowadays....but dont talk to me about monsters or as if rci is doing my a favor....
the way i see it its the other way around.....we spend big bucks and are very loyal - hence we deserve special treatment !

that is just how i feel....


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