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Well, I see you have already sailed in January 2013, but for those who haven't, I hope you search out some of the cruise reviews written by single cruisers, many of them who stayed in the studio cabins.

From what I have read, these cabins sell out very quickly. There is a solo gathering each night pre dinner in the solo lounge where you can meet others. I would also encourage you to sign up for your roll call for your particular sailing and attend the Meet and Greet, usually on the first sea day.

Someone asked about the male to female ratio and the education level. Not sure if this information is available anywhere, but from the reviews I have read, I did not recall them being primarily from males or females. But if I had to guess, I'd say these cabins would be especially appealing to women who like to travel, but feel a little insecure about it. Of the reviews I have read, most of the solo cabin cruisers seem to be traveling alone. As far as education level, from the ones I recall, I would guess thirty something professionals. Not young spring breaker party animals if that is what you are concerned about. They will be the ones packed 4 or 5 to a cabin to save money.
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