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I don't think extolling the advantages of being in a loyalty club makes you arrogant.

But keep this in mind - the problem is not so much the cost of the drink they give you during the cocktail party. It is people loading up on booze at those parties and then not buying drinks for the rest of the night.

It is the drinks that you do NOT buy that costs Royal Caribbean, not the (no so) "free" booze they give away.

I personally do think its a bit of a monster because it is very bad publicity to take away loyalty privileges. After all, the line has a covenant with the people who took the cruise to get the points. The should keep their promises. But after some time it inevitably gets to the point where you have more and more (never less) top tier members.

And so you have to change the rules. But hey - the AIRLINES do it, they even take your miles away, so...
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