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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
In the additional charge restaurants you will, most likely, get a table for two. In the main dining rooms there are a larger number of two tops than on other cruise lines so it is "easier" to get a table for two.

When you go to dinner just request a table for two. If one is available you will be seated. If not then you will receive a pager and when it goes off you just go back and be seated. The longest I've had to wait is twenty minutes.

You will be seated faster if you don't mind sitting with someone else.

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Have to disagree with you here. You will NOT be seated faster if you don't mind sitting with someone else. In fact, you will wait longer. Most people on NCL ship's have no interest in dining with strangers, and ask for tables for their party size. You can make a request to be seated with others, but just know that it may not be possible. We have cruised with NCL 4 times and have waited once for a table. We were given a pager and a voucher for a free drink and were paged from the bar area before we could take a few sips. NCL is set up for Freestyle cruising and it is very efficient and easy to get tables for your party size.
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