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Default No Smoking Policy

Well..being a cigar smoker I can understand others POV as to them being disturbed by secondhand smoke and I can appreciate that but here's the thing...if the cruiselines will compromise ( as a lot of them have ) and provide a nice lounge for them to use then what is the beef? People choose their vices and I love cigars and accept the risk as an adult just like ALL of the other cruisers accept the risk of overeating at the buffet and risk getting diabetes and heart disease etc. While they might overeat how does that affect others you ask....easy answer...those who overeat make it difficult for others to get around them when they weight in at 300 or more pounds...where they can't get from Point A to Point B w/o taking 4 times as long and have a line of people behind them stretching as far back as a buffet line will allow.

Let's address the balcony....while I understand there are those who don't like the smell so let's let the cruiselines have "smoking cabins" just like they have hotels or about the back of the ship where the smoke won't waft towards the front?
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