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To take the other side of this argument, there seem to be a lot of folks here that are anti cruisers rights. When you earn rights they should not be arbitrarily taken away. I have sailed on Royal six of the last eight weeks. My experience was that the vast majority of those visiting the lounge did so for a half hour to an hour before their respective dinner times. The problem is that the majority have early dining and the lounges are not large enough to accommodate the early rush. Royal has addressed this by using available space in rooms and/or bars on their larger ships when a large number of Diamond and above are aboard. The past two weeks the Allure they held Happy Hour in the Blaze night club and it worked beautifully. We don't need cruisers who are Diamond Plus or above trying to change the rules after they "got theirs." Cruisers need to stand united and make the cruise lines make reasonable changes to accommodate us all. I find it particularly disturbing that travel agents would see cruisers as "greedy" and wanting something they do not deserve. Using that logic maybe the cruise lines should save money and offer discounts to cruisers with no compensation to travel agents. Same logic different result. It would probably save cruise lines more money than reducing the benefits on the "greedy" cruisers who don't deserve the benefits for their loyalty. Conversely, travel agents who do not act as advocates for thei clients deserve nothing for bookings they are not involved in. Not a probable or "fair" alternative, but just the reverse logic of that being expressed here by some.
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