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Royal Caribbean Ltd seems to be reducing layers of management in all of their brands. Those who previously reported to Lisa Bauer will now report directly to Adam Goldstein. It would appear the same idea is being implemented at Azamara with Edie Bornstein leaving, and her subordinates will be moved under Larry Pimental directly. The same will likely happen at Celebrity, if it hasn't already.

I wonder how much of this has to do with the recent shake-up of the RCCL board? They changed the bylaws to require all of them to be elected annually instead of staggered terms. They appointed a 'lead' director, yet still have Richard Fain as Chairman. Why a 'lead director' too? I get the sense the board is trying to exert more power and grew tired of being a rubber stamp for whatever Fain wanted. They saw too many chiefs sitting in corporate offices and so forth, and pushed some people out.
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