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I was told that many mid and upper level managers at Carnival were shocked when Vicki left after she didn't get Dickenson's job when he retired. Royal Caribbean saw an opportunity and probably had a lucrative compensation package sitting in the top drawer of Richard Fain's desk, just waiting to put a name on it. But I also know more than one agent who is not especially impressed by Vicki or her presentations. There was some speculation that she was hired to replace Lisa Bauer, but Lisa's position was actually higher than the one Vicki took. It's all so confusing, the world of corporate politics.

RCI stated Lisa left on her own accord and was not fired or 'encouraged to resign', and while that kind of remark is typical and often crapola, in her case I tend to believe it. I think she might very well show up in a new job not involving a cruise line. Her husband died rather suddenly last year, so perhaps she just wants to get away from everything for a while.

Lots of variables to consider. Cruise line profits stagnating and thus the 6 and 7 figure bonuses vanishing is certainly one of them.
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