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I don't mind constructive criticism - feel free to send me an email.

However, when you say "Most times when I think I am replying to a particular post it goes to the wrong poster" - I am not sure I follow you. These posts go to everyone, not just one poster. If you want to make sure you are getting a message in a thread (like this) to a specific poster the best thing to do is select "quote post" for the post of the person you want to reply to... That way their original post shows up in the new post you are composing - so readers realize you are responding to something someone says.

This is a very common layout for a message board.

If you want to contact a person directly you just click on their username and select "send a private message" you should understand that we do not reveal the email addresses of posters unless they opt to show them. But we will send them a private message from you. They just have to click on their own usernames to pick them up (they get an email and a popup notification that there is a message waiting for them)

In that sense these forums behave very much like any other forum on the Internet. But if you are talking about the navigating the forums for different topics, or navigating the rest of the site, then that is a different subject and we don't mind hearing suggestions.
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