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A lot of people enjoy honeymoons on cruises - and the cruise lines should be made aware that it is your honeymoon. Not that you will get a fabulous surprise from them, but just like a restaurant will usually recognize you on a birthday, etc, the cruise line will probably do something nice for you.

But that is not the important point - that point is that cruises are fantastic for honeymoons because so many details are pre-arranged for all cruisers - you do not have to worry about planning meals, checking into hotels, getting from one destination to the next, etc etc.

Basically, you check in to the cruise and for the next seven days you can focus mostly on each other, as it should be. "He" won't need to drive any place, you won't need to worry about laundry or planning mealtimes.

I am sure you are doing tons of planning for your wedding - you deserve a break when it comes to details - that's what cruises specialize in doing. - NOT that you won't have choices on the cruise (you will) - but implementing those choices will be easy.
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