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Default Twitter files for IPO

Here we go again....

So - what do you think about Twitter? I personally believe it is not nearly as valuable as Facebook (as a business) and I also think the model will die much like AOL chat some day.

Call me crazy - but back in 1998 did you ever think AOL would become completely outdated? I predict that for Twitter because I hate the format (144 characters) and the potential for spam posts, fake accts, etc is just too high. I tried to participate in a twitter "chat" last week and it was inundated by spammers and also half of my posts got lost.

Twitter is OK - but there is almost no barrier to entry. But it does have big gross margins. And once again, one thing it has is all those "twitter" buttons on every web site in the world - and I have always said those things (for facebook) are the real goldmines these sites have (for tracking people, etc)

I have to brag a little - but let's just say I got lucky. I started a FaceBook stock post here last September, just to gage where people thought it was fairly priced. I ended up buying it on October 25 at 23.xx and I just sold all my shares three days ago at 51.30. I came very close to hitting the bottom for my buy and my sell at the top (so far).
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